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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Do I need to know 3D modelling to use Smplrspace?
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No. Our vision is that Smplrspace should be accessible to all. You can easily access our web application, sign up for a user account and get started with creating your first listing in 3D! No professional training required, no app to install, no complex licensing or annual fees.

I would like to have a guided tour of how Smplrspace works.
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Please refer to our product demo for a step by step guidance, as well as our help center for guides and tips. You can also check featured spaces to get inspired by the 3D listings created by other real estate agents, who like yourselves, have no prior training in 3D creation. If you need further assistance, please contact us via our support page and we will be happy to reach out and get you on board.

Can I try Smplrspace without creating an account?
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No. We provide a 30 day free trial period, for which no credit card is required for the creation of account. Payment details are required only upon confirmation that you wish to sign up for a plan.

I don't want to create the 3D spaces by myself, can you do it for me?
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We typically do not provide 3D sketching services as our focus is on building the easiest app for you to sketch on your own. However, we are sometimes testing such services with our partners, so you could email us at to enquire about this. Please include details about the spaces you want us to process: location, type of property, floor plan, photos, a link to the listing if any.

Sharing spaces

How can I share the 3D space with my clients?
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The ability to share 3D models of your listings is the core of the Smplspace solution. Whenever you create a new space, you can easily generate a link for it that you can copy and send to clients via SMS, WhatsApp, email or post on directly your listing pages. When clients open the link, they will see a full 3D interactive viewer to explore and navigate the listed space that you have created.

The property platform that I am listing on does not support 3D viewership. How can Smplrspace help?
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We are working hard to integrate Smplrspace with major real estate search platforms. If your real estate platform does not support 3D viewership at the moment, we suggest that you generate and post images of the listing in 3D, and advertise the shared link to your space onto the property description details. Clients can click on the link and get access to the full 3D view of the listing via Smplrspace.

Of course we would be very happy if you could drop your real estate listing platform a note to inform them about Smplrspace and how it would benefit you to have them integrate with us (;. Let us know if you do and we'll try to reach out as well.

Besides generating links to share, can I download images of the generated 3D models?
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Yes, you can generate images of the 3D models directly from the Smplrspace studio. Open your project, head to the “Services” tab, and click "Download images".

My client would like to access the link that I have shared in order to modify and spruce up the space. Is this possible?
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Not yet. Smplrspace's goal is for home buyers to be able to envision the space and layout of the listing better, resulting in booking of viewing appointments that are productive and more meaningful. In future we would like to take it one step further and allow creation of homeowner accounts such that they can modify and furnish the 3D listings with the links that the real estate agents have shared. Subscribe to the Smplrspace newsletter and be the first to know when we have launched this feature!

Billing & payment

How are the number of spaces in quota calculated?
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Spaces that you create can be published, unpublished, or archived. Only published spaces that are accessible to your clients have shareable links, and account for the quota limits in your account. When you archive one listing, this frees up one space in your quota. You can still view the archived spaces, but you can no longer generate shared links and your clients can no longer view them in the Smplrspace 3D viewer.

Does property size count towards number of spaces in quota?
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No. Each published space and individual shared link counts as one space, regardless of size.

Can I share the access to my account with other users?
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No, a Smplrspace subscription is a single-seat license to use our software. All plans come with fixed quotas on live shared spaces, and unlimited archived spaces that are subject to fair usage policy. Any abuse of our terms may result in the suspension of your account.

What forms of payments does Smplrspace accept?
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We process all payments online securely via Stripe which has partnerships with all major credit cards and selected debit cards. All financial data is stored within the Stripe platform. No financial information is stored within the Smplrspace application or database. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

For enterprise plans (more than 80 shared spaces), please contact us via our contact page.

Can I switch between monthly and annual subscriptions?
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Yes, you can switch from a monthly to annual subscription, or from an annual to monthly subscription at any time by accessing the "Billing" tab in your account settings. The change will be effective at the end of the current billing cycle as subscriptions are paid upfront.

You may also cancel your subscription anytime as per our cancellation policy.

How do I change the plan that I am currently on?
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You can opt to change plan anytime. Head to the "Billing" tab in your account settings and select the new plan that you wish to subscribe to. The amount due will be pro-rated based on when the change has been made so that you will always pay for what you use.

If you are on a monthly subscription, you will either be charged or credited the pro-rated difference in your next invoice.

Downgrades for annual subscriptions will have the difference in plan values pro-rated and credited towards the next billing cycle (contact us if you prefer a refund), while upgrades will have the pro-rated difference charged on their selected payment method at the point of ugprade.

How does your cancellation / refund policy work?
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All Smplrspace subscriptions include a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. You may cancel your subscription anytime, simply head to the "Billing" tab in your account settings and select the “Cancel subscription” option before the next billing date.

We do not provide any refunds for monthly subscriptions. The cancellation of a monthly subscription will take effect on the last day of the current billing cycle. Until then, customers will be able to access their account and their shared spaces will remain accessible.

For the cancellation of annual plans, we will offer a refund of unused chargeable months in the user's billing cycle. The access to the account will be terminated immediately, and the user's shared spaces will be unpublished. For example, if a user cancels his annual plan after 3.5 months, 4 out of 10 chargeable months have been used and we will refund 60% of the amount paid.