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No time to DIY? Fret not.

We offer hassle-free 3D sketch services for agents who are on the move.
Order your 3D from just RM19.99$6.99S$6.99
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Drive sales

Turn modified 2D floor plans into sleek 3D models.
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Send us the info and we'll deliver in 24 hours.
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Our no-brainer prices begin from $6.99 RM19.99S$6.99.
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What you'll receive in 24 hours

While you're out and about, we are busy setting up your next listing for success.
All from only $6.99RM19.99S$6.99. Learn more.
1. 3D floor plan
Interactive customized 3D floor plan
2. Short link
Send it to clients, no download required
3. Embed snippet
Display on personal or corporate website
4. Agent profile
Display photo, mobile contact & agency
5. Client access
Let your clients furnish listings (coming soon)
6. Support
We help you make the most of our 3D floor plans


Display your property listing better and close deals faster for less than the price of a coffee.
  • $6.99RM19.99S$6.99 – below 1000 sqft / 140 sqm
  • $9.99RM29.99S$9.99 – between 1001 and 2000 sqft
  • $12.99RM39.99S$12.99 – between 2001 and 3000 sqft
  • $18.99RM56.99S$18.99 – between 3001 sqft and 5000 sqft
  • Over 5000 sqft please contact us for assistance.
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