How to reach and engage your clients

Increase loyalty from current clients while generating new leads. Find out how.

Instant sharing and posting

Our one-click sharing makes it possible for users to not only post onto social media, they can also send links to clients via WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, etc. One of the key priorities of Smplrspace is to ensure that our users reach and advertise their listings to their clients within the shortest time possible. All your "live" spaces are shared instantly.

Engaging clients

When a client encounters a listing they are interested in, they often request for more information, photos from different angles or measurements. This may happen especially after attending viewing appointments when they have narrowed down their options and identified your listing as the remaining few in the running (hooray!).

This is where the advantages of Smplrspace comes in. Firstly, your clients can view the space from all angles, zoom in and navigate their way around the listing via our 3D viewer. Secondly, as long as your 3D model is created from a floor plan that you know is to scale, feel free to inform your clients and they can easily retrieve the measurements of each room from the 3D viewer (coming soon)! Say goodbye to running around with measurement tapes. Thirdly, the links to the space never expire as long as they are "live" in your account – this means that clients who have the link can re-visit the space via our 3D viewer as many times as they want without you having to open the door for multiple viewings!

Remember – clients are likely to be juggling multiple property options (and agents) on hand. The agent who makes his/her listing information as transparent and accessible as possible to clients definitely has the upper hand!

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