Managing and maximizing your account

Learn from the Smplrspace team how you can get the most out of your account and quota.

Manage your account...

We have made it easy for you to manage your account with Smplrspace. Hear from the insiders about how to maintain efficient usage of your space quotas while managing a good upkeep and maintenance of your listings.

Space quota

All of our plans come with a quota of shared spaces and unlimited archived spaces. When a space is shared (or "live"), your clients can access it using its unique link to view it in 3D. You can generate links and images to share your spaces with our one-click instant sharing function. As long as the space is "live", the shared links do not expire. The date of creation, the size of the space, or the number of views are not considered in the quota calculation.

Archiving a space

When you have closed the deal, or wish to free up room on your limited quota for more recent properties, simply archive the space. You can still access and modify an archived space from your library. An archived listing will remain available to you in your library, but previously shared links will no longer be accessible. You can unarchive a space at any moment to reactivate the previous link. The space will then become "live" again, thereby using up one space on your quota.

Naming and classifying your space

We advise for agents to assign keywords when naming each created space. Keywords should include details such as the summary of property criteria, as well as address or neighbourhood that the property is in. An example would be “Three bedroom high-floor apartment in Punggol.” This would make it easier for agents to use our “Search” function to retrieve specific projects.

When you have finished the creation of space, we advise that you fill up details of the space under “Property Information.” Information that should be provided include size of property in sq ft, number of bedrooms, date listed, private/commercial. When searching and retrieving projects, our filter function will classify the information you have provided in an ascending or descending order.

...and maximize it!

Maximizing your quota

Although your archived spaces are unlimited, ‘live’ spaces that count towards the quota in your chosen plan are fixed. One trick that we can recommend that can help to maximize the space on your quota is to actively archive projects of older unsold properties to free up space for new ones. Simply filter based on listing date and click archive on your oldest projects. Remember, you can simply un-archive them later on when you have closed some deals and freed up space on your account!

Got a big project or property to list and need to free up one space on your quota? You can likewise filter based on size of property and temporarily archive the smallest properties.

Smplrspace has plans to incorporate viewing details for each shared link in the near future, so our agents will be able to identify which shared link has enjoyed the highest number of viewings based on quantity and date. This will also help agents to decide which properties to archive and which to have remain ‘live.’

Of course, if your portfolio is simply bursting we are happy to have you upgrade to our next plan category. Please refer to our upgrade policy for those needing more ‘live’ spaces. We are raring to go, just like you.

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