How are we different from virtual tours?

Simple and affordable 3D floor plans, modifiable by buyers

We love virtual tours — you get a fantastic idea of the design and furnishings that exist in the property. Why then are agents not utilising virtual tours on every property listing? We’ve learned why. There are just many properties that are good as gold, but simply in an older state or haven’t been taken care of very well by the present owner. Virtual tours do not advertise and represent well older and/or messy properties. Which is why we have come up with Smplrspace, an all-white 3D floor plan which reduces design bias and highlights the potential of the space.   
Unlike Virtual Tours, you do not have to invest in equipment ($), spend hours travelling onsite, cleaning and staging furnitures before scanning. Smplrspace lets an agent create a 3D floor plan in minutes, sketching and sharing with clients on the go. It was created specially for property agents to serve customers better while staying in control of their time.

A home purchase is seldom for one person. It’s about fitting members of a family into a shared space for the next decade. Which is also why we’ve made it possible for home buyers to modify, plan layouts and furnish the 3D floor plans. When an agent lets home buyers envision better if this might be "home" in the years to come, they will thank you for the outstanding service that you provide.
Virtual tours
No hardware or property staging required. You can sketch on the go. Rendering and sharing is instant.
Requires dedicated cameras. You must go on site, stage the property, scan, post for processing.
Ease of use
Smplrspace is made for anyone. No training required, you'll be posted 3D models in no time.
Virtual tours need expertise. Many agents use service providers to scan for them.
Less than 10min to sketch a 1000sqft unit.
1-5 days to engage 3rd party, stage, scan, post process.
Space and layout planning.
Design and furnishing.
Applicable to
All properties.
Well designed properties only.
Space planning
Allows home buyers to modify and personalize the property to help their decision making.
Only showcase the property as it is.
Do it yourself for US$1-5 per property.
US$300-3000 per property
with 3rd party services.