Display interactive floor plans

Multiple viewing options

Choose between 2D and 3D according to your use-case. Floor plans are fully interactive, navigation is natural and can be controlled programmatically.

Add custom data elements

Our APIs make it super easy to add your own data in the floor plans. Each data element is interactive and can trigger custom behaviours in your app.
3D building with sensor data points
Screenshot of a floor plan editor

Let users digitise & edit plans with ease

All it takes is a floor plan image

Upload a floor plan image, scale it and trace over it. It aligns automatically. Drag and drop doors and windows that can be resized in a click. Our users have sketched entire flats in less than 10 minutes.

You didn't think it could be that easy

We've iterated on our editor with total newbies for over 2 years to make it this easy. We take an essentialist approach by providing as few tools as possible. This allows anyone to start sketching with no training at all.

Furnish spaces in 3D

Furniture catalog optimised for speed

Our parametric and compressed furniture models are easy on the bandwidth and performance. The texture-less approach lets your data shine in the space while providing the necessary layout cues required by users.

3D editing that feels like powerpoint

Drag and drop a furniture, resize it, rotate it, move it around. Anyone knows the moves already. And it auto-saves, what more could you want?
Screenshot of a 3D space planner with the sofa being selected

Our viewers & editors are accessible in standalone or embedded in your app

Integrate our floor plan toolchain in just a few lines of Javascript. We built Smplrspace with developers' productivity in mind and strive to provide the best DX possible. And if you prefer going the no-code way, all our features are available hosted as well.
Example code snippet to embed a 3D floor plan

The floor plan ecosystem

Using Smplrspace gives you access to an ecosystem of tools, features, services, and partners surrounding floor plans. More than a provider, we are your partner in digitising space communication.

Data visualisation

Floor plans optimised for data visualisation with a minimalist look that lets data pop out. APIs to add data points, heat maps, and more.

Furniture catalog

An essential furniture catalog that lets users plan spaces or simply provide layout cues. Models are added regularly to serve client use-cases.

Actual measurements

Floor plans scaled to real life dimensions, enabling spatial computations. Useful for space planning, social distancing, coverage estimations...

Import & export

APIs to import from different format such as CAD or BIM, as well as export to images, 3D meshes, or CAD. New formats added to support client needs.

Sketch services

Digitisation services to help you onboard floor plans at scale. An alternative to our self serve editor built for your users or internal team.

Share with other apps

Be part of a network of providers that enable users to share their floor plans across applications for better efficiencies and cost savings.

User centered design

Hundreds of hours of research went into building floor plans anyone can understand. A consistent design that simply works and feels familiar.

Natural user experience

Fully interactive experience with a natural navigation on desktop & mobile. Multiple viewing and editing modes to match with your needs.

Brand alignment

Change the palette of your floor plans to match your brand. Creativity at your fingertips to help you stand out while we fit in.

Develop features quicker, cheaper, with better quality & user experience

Too many teams trap themselves into building floor plan interfaces that cost months of development and ongoing maintenance — most end up with a similar (and often subpar) solution. We know too well how it ends: endless backlog, technical debt, quality compromises. Your engineers' time is precious and its opportunity cost high.

Keep the team focused on high profit opportunities, while we take care of your floor plan infrastructure. We've invested years into building the best floor plan solution so you don't have to. All our features can be plugged in your app in a few lines of code. Customise anything to fit your brand. Add your custom interactive data layer. We take care of maintenance, new features, and improve performance and user experience regularly.
Woman sitting at a desk in front of coding computer screen
build vs. buy

Start building for free

Every feature has a free tier so you can sign up and build on top of our floor plans without friction.
Then each floor plan costs from $25 per year.
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