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We are a team of creatives crafting game changing  tools for building operations and flex spaces.

Let’s talk if that's a mission that gets your gears going.
At Smplrspace, we believe that advanced technologies should not be reserved for large businesses. Instead, we see potential in incorporating them into pragmatic solutions serving day-to-day operational needs. Our tools help creatives build advanced yet user-friendly and accessible experiences in a variety of use-cases such as office booking, facilities management, sensors deployment, warehouse operations, event planning, property marketing and leasing, and more.

We do this two ways — by firstly taking an essentialist approach to product development, and by introducing an affordable commercial model that enables a new class of products to be built and adopted at scale. We take an API-first approach and a design process driven by ample problem space exploration and customer empathy.

We are driven as a team by shared core principles:
  • our solutions should be essentialist — less is more
  • our diversity of backgrounds and ideas makes us stronger
  • we value empathy, equity, and inclusion over individual rockstars
  • we operate on intrinsic drive that comes from freedom, mastery, and purpose
  • we target sustainable long term growth over short term gains
We are headquartered in Singapore, which might be a little far for you. But if you share the same values and beliefs, or have enjoyed using our products and think you have something to contribute, do not hesitate to contact us at

Current Openings

Beyond these openings, do get in touch and tell us why you'd be excited to join the team, we're always happy to make space for great teammates.
We have no job opening at the moment, but feel free to get in touch anytime.
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“I hope for Smplrspace to be a diverse and inclusive environment where leadership, contributions, and creativity are not inhibited by social constructs such as race, gender, age, (dis)abilities, or beliefs.”
Wanlyn T.
Co-founder & CEO