At Smplrspace, we address real world problems by looking at advanced technologies and products reserved for professionally trained individuals, and building user-friendly and accessible solutions that empower all folks, without training. Our user-centric solutions and approach are driven by design thinking, ample problem space exploration, coupled with the ability to step into our customers' shoes with the right level of empathy.

We are enabled as a team by core principles that we share:

  • our solutions should be essentialist, less is more
  • the relentless curation of the user experience
  • ambition to deliver, along with respect for the process
  • the diversity of our backgrounds and ideas make us stronger
  • empathy, equality and inclusiveness over being an individual rockstar
  • intrinsic drive that comes from freedom, mastery, and purpose
  • sustainable long term growth over short term gains
  • location does not matter, communication and respect for each others' time and focus does

We are headquartered in Singapore, which might be a little far for you. But if you share the same values and beliefs, or have enjoyed using our products and think you have something to contribute, do not hesitate to contact us at