The spatial data solution for app builders

The interactive 2D & 3D spatial infrastructure platform to build powerful visualization in hours instead of months.

Interactive floor plans at any level with transparent pricing

2D or 3D, furnished or unfurnished, single-storey, multi, or stacked. Smplrspace floor plans support visualization at any level you require.

Digital twins distributed to different proptech software solutions

Integrate in hours, not days or weeks

Integrate our floor plan tool chain in just a few lines of JavaScript. Smplrspace was built with developers' productivity in mind and strives to provide the best DX possible.

Our clients dedicate valuable engineering resources to product development while Smplrspace takes care of the floor plan infrastructure.

The Smplrspace difference

Don't get lost in all the noise. Create a digital twin that displays the information you need.

Convert clients with visually amplified data

Visually complement dashboards to make information compelling and easy to ingest.

Your information is safe, no data transactions required

We do not store, process, or transact any of your or your client's data. Guaranteed.

Guaranteed performance with lightning speed

Our platform is built for speed. Load thousands of square feet in seconds.

Integrating is simple as one, two, three



Self-create or let us digitize spaces from floor plan images. Delivery in days, not weeks.


Map assets and elements, and then access our published documents to integrate customizable data in hours.


Add custom branding and palettes to align with your unique identity, and embed in-app for an alleviated and seamless client experience.
2D and 3D floor plans displayed in smartphones.

Many powerful tools in one place

Using Smplrspace gives you access to an ecosystem of tools, features, and services surrounding floor plans. More than a provider, we are your partner in digitizing space communication.

Floor plan editor

Upload a floor plan image, scale it, and trace over it. It aligns automatically. Drag and drop doors and windows that can be resized in a click.

Floor plan viewer

Floor plans optimized for data visualization with a minimalist look that lets data pop out. APIs to add data points, heat maps, and more.

Furniture library

An essential furniture catalog that lets users plan spaces or simply provide layout cues. Models are added regularly to serve client use-cases.

Import & export

APIs to import from different formats such as CAD or BIM, as well as export to images, 3D meshes, or CAD. New formats are added periodically to support clients' needs.

Sketch services

Digitization services to help you onboard floor plans at scale. An alternative to our self serve editor built for your users or internal team.

Mapping services

Send over the list of your assets and our team will map all required assets, from furniture, to sensors, rooms, and spaces. Receive a .json file ready for use.

Coming soon...


Photo walkthrough

Upload and assign photos to your digitized floor plan to form a fast and lean virtual walkthrough.

Spatial measurements

Floor plans scaled to real life dimensions, enabling spatial computations. Useful for space planning, social distancing, coverage estimations...

Team access

Collaborate effortlessly with your team and let everyone be on the same page working with a single source of truth.

Explore a pilot today

Create an account, upload a floor plan, and start a pilot today. Yes you've heard right, your first 3 spaces are on us.

Still wondering?

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team.

What do I need to get started?

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It all begins with the floor plan images you wish to have digitized. You can either start digitizing a space by creating an account with us, or reach out to the team to engage our services for digitizing and data mapping.

Can I use Smplrspace if I don't have a dev team?

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While Smplrspace provides tools and services for digitizing floor plans, you will need a dev team to access our documentation and integrate data.

Can I embed Smplrspace into my or my client's application

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Yes, our 2D/3D viewer is fully embeddable in any application. It will soon be possible for you to embed the editor as well, so that your clients will be able to create and modify spaces autonomously.

Can I import my own furniture or customize furniture in the editor

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Custom furniture models are on our roadmap. Reach out if you're interested so it can help prioritize our work to suit your needs.

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