Smplrspace Pricing

Only pay for what you use with our modular pricing

Our floor plans are used in a wide variety of use-cases. Our pricing modules reflect that, so you're paying a fair price whether you're into property management, space planning, real estate marketing, or others.
3D floor plan of a 2-storey house
2,100 sqft landed house – starts at $10 per year
3D floor plan of a office space
8,000 sqft office – starts at $25 per year
3D floor plan of a condominium floor plate
10,500 sqft condominium – starts at $50 per year
3D floor plan of a large office space
25,000 sqft office – starts at $50 per year
3D floor plan of a shopping mall floor plate
250,000 sqft mall – starts at $100 per year
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Metered platform fees

We charge a flat fee per active floor plan, billed annually. For multi-storey buildings, each storey counts as one floor plan, just like with PDF files.

Up to 3,000sqft
Up to 10,000sqft
Up to 30,000sqft
Up to 90,000sqft
Up to 270,000sqft
First 3 floor plans
Up to 1,000 floor plans
Up to 3,000 floor plans
Up to 9,000 floor plans
Up to 27,000 floor plans
Up to 81,000 floor plans
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Do you have more floor plans? Or bigger floor plans? Contact us for custom pricing.

** We provide up to 90% discount rates for 12 months for early-stage startups (below $1M raised or in revenue), get in touch to learn more. **

- Archived spaces are not chargeable but remain accessible as preview by admin users.
- Spaces are billed for a year based on size, a top-up is charged if a space enters a higher price tier. There is no refund for sizing a space down to a lower price tier, but the subsequent year billing will reflect pricing for the reduced size.
- The minimum billable period is 24 hours. Spaces active less than 24h will not be charged, neither will tier changes effective less than 24h.
- Invoices for platform fees and services fees are consolidated on a monthly basis and payable by credit card.
- Prices in this table include 1,000 monthly views per floor plan. See our metered add-ons below if you require more views.

Metered add-ons


Some use-cases such as high traffic apps or public property listing platforms may require over 1,000 views per floor plan per month. This price module represents what you will be charged for additional views on each floor plan. We charge a low upfront cost and scale with the value and engagement our floor plans create for your users.

Views are counted only when an interactive session starts. Display of preview images through our APIs is free. Views are counted per floor plan and charged per view on a monthly basis.

Monthly views
Cost per 1,000
First 1,000
1,001 to 3,000
3,001 to 9,000
9,001 to 27,000
27,001 to 81,000
81,001 to 243,000
Over 243,000

Export floor plan

Our floor plans can be exported to images (2D floor plan or 3D snapshot) as well as full 3D meshes. Currently supported formats: png, glTF, obj. Coming up: CAD*. This is ideal for space authoring use-cases, where you may not need the viewer. Exports are charged individually.

*Need other formats? Let us know.

Cost per export
Export image
Export 3D meshes
One year platform fee
Large volumes

Digitisation services

Floor plan sketching

We offer hassle-free floor plan sketching / digitisation services. This helps you turn 2D floor plan images into sleek looking, digital, and interactive floor plans that can be displayed in 2D or 3D. Pick this option if you don't want your internal team or your users to use our editor to sketch themselves.

We reserve the right to quote a higher price based on the complication of the floor plan or furnishings. We may also provide discounts for simpler floor plans, or repetitive floor plans in multi-storey commercial properties.

Cost per sqft*
Unfurnished single storey
Furnished single storey**
Multi-storey (add-on)
Volume discount (prepaid)
Cost per floor plan
Minimum fee per order
* Price based on built-up surface.
** Furniture from standard catalog.

Not sure which pricing modules apply to you?

We're happy to assist you in mapping your needs to our building blocks and related price breakdown.
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Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, get in touch with our friendly team.
What is counted as an active floor plan?
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Spaces in your account can be marked as draft, published, or archived. Archived spaces are not chargeable. Draft spaces are for collaboration internal to your organisation, published spaces can be shared publicly and embedded in your app. Archived spaces have limited functionality, you can preview them but not open them fully or edit them.

Does the floor plan size impact the cost?
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Yes, but not completely. The floor plans platform fees, and export fees can vary depending on total surface. Views and editor access are not affected by the size of the floor plan. Sketch service fees are directly computed based on sqft.

Can I invite my team to manage the spaces in my account?
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Yes. You may invite as many team members as you wish. Team members have access to the Smplrspace back office and are able to create, publish, archive or delete spaces. They can also manage API keys for your integrations. Team members are free, standard charges on views and editor sessions apply.

What forms of payments does Smplrspace accept?
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We process all payments online securely via Stripe which has partnerships with all major credit cards and selected debit cards. All financial data is stored within the Stripe platform. No financial information is stored within the Smplrspace application or database. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

We may offer additional payment methods for large volume accounts, please contact us via our contact page.

How does your cancellation / refund policy work?
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All Smplrspace features come with a free tier, no credit card required. You may cancel your account anytime, simply head to the "Billing" tab in your account settings and select the “Cancel account” option. At the point of cancelling, usage fees for the current month will be charged to your card on record, and your spaces will stop being accessible.

We do not provide any refunds for paid floor plans.

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