Privacy at Smplrspace

At Smplrspace, we take the privacy and security of users' data seriously. We only collect data that is necessary and relevant to the operations of our business, and such data will not be made available to third parties without obtaining the user's prior consent.

Smplrspace has carefully curated trusted vendors to manage users' sensitive information. Authentication details such as passwords are managed by Auth0, and payment processing is done by Stripe. Both companies have been selected due to recognition for their excellence in data management. Smplrspace's website analytics are provided by Fathom, a privacy-focused analytics solution that keeps all data anonymous, does not collect information that can identify users, and does not sell data to third parties. Last but not least, we put our best efforts toward processing and storing users' data as according to industry best practices.

Since 2018, GDPR has raised the standards and rights surrounding data literacy and privacy in the European Union. We are committed to delivering GDPR level of compliance to all our users, no matter their geographical location.

If you have any questions, or have identified ways for which we could improve with regards to privacy or security issues, please contact us at

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