Every building deserves better

We are a team of creatives crafting game changing tools for building operations and flex spaces.
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We incorporate advanced technologies into pragmatic solutions that solve day-to-day problems for the masses.

We strive to

Digitize buildings, unify, and streamline data in the built environment
Enable stakeholders to increase operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
Accelerate achieving sustainability goals of buildings, portfolios, and cities
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How we do it

Focus and craft

We take an essentialist approach to defining what we build. We target pragmatic everyday problems, we aim at frictionless, enjoyable user experience, and scaleable deployment.

Design-led process

We are driven by ample problem space exploration, conversations, and user-centricity.

Sustainable growth

We take our time to understand the problem we're trying to fix, and trust this will help us get things right. This means taking the longer path sometimes. Sustainable growth is at the core of our approach, and is reflected in the business, solution, and team.

Interested in joining our growing team?

We value diversity of opinion, belief, background, gender, and more, so besides your academic path, we’d be happy to understand who you are and how you may add to the team’s perspective.
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What drives the team behind Smplrspace

We operate on intrinsic drive that comes from freedom, mastery, and purpose.

Our solutions should be essentialist — less but better


Our diversity of backgrounds and ideas makes us stronger

We value empathy, equity, and inclusion over individual rockstars


We target sustainable long-term growth over short-term gains

Like what you see?

If you're currently managing, consulting, or deploying solutions for the built environment, let's chat and see how we can accelerate mutual goals.
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