About us

Redefining communication about spaces

Smplrspace (pronounced "simpler space") was founded with the purpose of creating tools that empower people to access and understand spaces through better communication, hence increasing their autonomy to make improved decisions.

From property hunting to hotel booking, from renovation planning to navigating malls, we face space-related dilemmas in our lives. At Smplrspace, we have experienced all these issues and feel that more can be done to improve the perception of spaces. Specifically, we believe that 3D technologies can help enhance communication about spaces, making them easier to grasp and reason about, resulting in the betterment of our experience of them.

3D technologies have evolved greatly over the last decade and are progressively made available for mainstream consumption. However, the creation of 3D assets remains a process that requires advanced knowledge that is proprietary only to professionally trained individuals or businesses. We believe that this status quo can be challenged, and that 3D content creation and consumption workflows can be adapted to be made accessible to all folks who are consumers of spaces. We approach this problem with an essentialist mindset, and put much efforts towards designing and building ease-of-use right into our products. We hope that our user-centric solutions will ultimately translate into increasing our users' time and freedom to focus on what matters most in their lives.

What drives us

3D for the rest of us!

We want to make the 3D visualization of spaces accessible to all by greatly lowering the technical complexity, and the cost of creation / consumption of spatial 3D models.

Scratch that itch.
We have had our fair share of layout surprises — and who hasn't? Our motivation comes from the knowledge that we solve real problems faced by many, including ourselves. We are determined to bring solutions to the masses.

Focus and craft.
More often than not, less is more. We take an essentialist approach to building our solutions. They must be as pragmatic as possible. We constantly thread the fine line between adding new features and prioritising ease of use.

Long term vision.
We take our time to understand the problem we're trying to fix, and trust this will help us get things right. This means taking the longer path sometimes. Sustainable growth is at the core of our approach, both as a business and as people.

Photo of the Smplrspace office
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