Best practices for real estate agents

A long form article on how we think real estate agents can maximize productivity, service clients better, and close deals faster.

If there is one thing real estate agents deal with every day in their profession, it is customer service. From the moment a property listing is posted up to the after sales follow-up, customer service has been globally recognized as a highly valuable business feature. To build customer loyalty, convert leads to sales and obtain customer referrals, customer service must be excellent and be given utmost importance.

Stay on top of communications

Today’s real estate clients expect speedier service than ever before. A prospective client who does not hear from you the same morning or afternoon of their attempt to contact you may very well move on. Fortunes are made by following up and following through. The average agent does not follow up if an initial lead does not respond, whereas the successful agent will continue to follow up until the customer either asks to be removed from the agent's list or until an appointment is made.

The Smplrspace solution is about bridging communications in a transparent and speedy manner. We want our real estate agents to be able to create the 3D models in the shortest time possible, and to share with their database of clients in a speedy fuss-free manner using channels of communications that are generic and well-known to all.

Share information with clients—the more the better

You want your clients to feel empowered, and that comes from them knowing all the details. Explain what they need to know and why, before they need it.

Clients can’t get enough of the information that the 3D listings from Smplrspace present. With a spectrum of details ranging from detailed measurements to the ability to navigate the spaces and zoom in from all angles, agents provide detailed information to their clients – all with just one click.

Keep abreast of new technologies

Successful agents leverage on technology to save time, create new marketing resources and strive to deliver a consistent experience that serves each individual client. To get ahead in this evolving business, the successful agent must understand technology and continue to be on the cutting edge.

Smplrspace is unique in that it provides a service directly to real estate agents while working alongside search platforms and agencies. We work hand in hand with agents to deliver excellent customer service for their clients with leading technologies that have been made accessible, affordable and effective. While complementing traditional mediums such as photos and videos, Smplrspace provides clients the unparalleled experience of stepping in and visiting a space listing with the comfort and flexibility of time and location.

Build your online presence

Another way to increase the quality of your customer service is to update your online accounts constantly. It is imperative that you intensify your online approach to let sellers and buyers know that you exist. Connect to your market through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By doing this, you can promote your business without having to do hard sell all the time.

Clients, especially millennial home-buyers, will appreciate real estate agents who have made listings and information available via mediums familiar to them. Smplrspace understands this and ensures that our solutions and services are shareable on major social media platforms. Moreover, our content is visual and will drive traffic and gather attention on your social media feeds.

Benchmark your service level against prevailing standards in customer service intensive industries

It is time to raise your game and broaden your insights. Benchmark yourself against the best practices you can find throughout a variety of service-intensive industries, because that is what your clients will do. Every client interaction with you is judged based on expectations set by the best players in hospitality, the financial services industry, and other areas where experts have made a science of customer service.

The evolution of proptech in the real estate industry has been said to veer towards being conservative as compared to its peers from banking, hospitality or education sectors. Smplrspace seeks to level the playing field by placing technology right in the hands of real estate agents who play an integral role in the real estate industry.

Let empathy be your guide

No matter the circumstances (first time buyer, investor, downsizer, re-locator) a real estate transaction is a big deal and it is always personal. Whether you have to deliver bad news or you feel like a client is being a pest, take a step back and put yourself in their shoes. Empathy will help you to relate to your clients, and guide your ability to communicate, problem-solve, react and at the very least make the customer feel understood.

The very reason that Smplrspace was founded was to address space-related concerns and decisions that the everyday person faces in their lives. More specifically, we have wasted much of our time (and our agents’) while conducting property searching. The traditional mediums, i.e. photos and videos, present primarily design and furnishing aspects of a listing while lacking informations regarding layout and space details. More often than not, we found ourselves besieging agents for more information and attending more viewing appointments than we should have had. With this in mind, the Smplrspace solution was designed and built, and we hope that both real estate agents and their clients save time and energies that can be channeled towards what matters more in their daily lives.

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