About our pricing plans

Smplrspace offers three pricing plans: Lite, Pro, and Beast. Whether you're just starting out as a real estate agent, growing your business, or already working with a large number of clients and contacts, we have an option that fits your needs.

Lite plan

Our lite plan is ideal for real estate agents who are either managing their real estate portfolio on top of a full time job, or have just begun dipping their toes in the real estate industry. Users enjoy access to full features of the studio so rookies don’t have to worry about looking novice next to the pros! Lite users will appreciate maximizing their time attending viewing appointments on top of juggling their full time jobs.

Pro plan

Our pro plan caters to established agents who have a robust portfolio of properties to be marketed on top of new ones that stream in every day. Pro agents have days which are packed to the brim with either attending viewing appointments or visiting or photographing new properties. Any time saved will translate directly into expanding that already bustling portfolio, or even better, taking a breather to spend time with family and friends.

Beast plan

Our beast plan subscribers have arrived to the very top of the game for a good reason – they know what’s good. With a portfolio ranging from local to overseas clients as well as high net worth investors, time is of the essence and they want to waste neither their clients’ time nor their own. Clients from overseas who have limited time in their itineraries to visit properties when they arrive will especially appreciate the ability to pre-select only those they are especially interested in.

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