Senior web engineer

Remote (anywhere)

This role has been filled.

You can still reach out for future openings or keep a tap on us through our LinkedIn page where we usually post new roles.

Smplrspace has an opening for a Senior Web Engineer to join the company as its first developer employee. We're looking for a polyvalent developer who likes to experiment, gets into topics well over their head, and wants to learn on the job. You should have a high curiosity and a liking for playing with all parts of a complex system. You will work on diversified technology aspects alongside the CTO who has been the sole engineer so far.

Our technology

Smplrspace is a digital floor plan platform that helps software developers add interactive 2D & 3D floor plans to their apps. We provide the tools to digitalise floor plans, furnish them, render them in-app and on-brand, as well as a frontend library to visualise data layers on the floor plans with options to build custom user experiences. You can think of us as a developer tool for software companies supporting indoor space operations, or as a super fancy charting library. We run on a full Javascript stack that includes a web canvas editor and a WebGL viewer inside a React app using a GraphQL API and a slew of serverless functions.

The job

This is a role for a senior generalist engineer who can wear multiple hats depending on the needs, and thrives in the early stages of building a product when requirements are in motion and ambiguity is a part of reality. Although our world is frontend heavy, you will be touching all areas of our stack including the app, the canvas & 3D rendering engine, the database and GraphQL schemas. You will also get into devops with our build systems, edge API proxy, CDN configuration, Kubernetes cluster configuration and serverless functions. You will deep dive into performance improvements with things like bundle size, data loading speed, and rendering optimisations with React and the 3D rendering engine. You will also be tasked to architect completely new solutions that will be integrated into the rest of the platform. We don't expect you to be 100% competent on all aspects of the job on day 1, but you should come with a growth mindset and can-do mentality.

Skills we value for this position
  • Good communication, especially in writing
  • Strong web fundamental
  • Javascript expert
  • Typescript
  • React
  • Web canvas
  • WebGL, 3D game engines, in particular Babylon.js
  • Strong mathematics (geometry, matrix calculations)
  • GraphQL, Hasura
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloudflare
  • Geospatial technologies
  • Design systems
  • Scaling and reliability, rolling updates, etc.
  • Performance analysis and improvement
  • Observability
  • Testing

We expect career paths to develop alongside company growth, with opportunities to become either an expert individual contributor or move into a managerial position. This role would lead to either of these based on performance, company needs, and employee aspirations.

Working with us

We are a small, lean and scrappy team working remote-first and (as much as we can but we're still learning) async-first. We value working in a collaborative and fun environment, but we balance that with the respect that deep work is how each of us produces our best. We operate on trust and transparency, taking ownership and responsibility, managing our own tasks and time, and delivering to the best of our abilities. We see ourselves as craftspeople and take pride in our work. We care about our culture and are excited to have it evolve with more people coming in and adding a piece of their story to it. We are hoping to and working towards providing psychological safety such that each one of us can be themselves at work, no matter our differences. We are also a very young company and there still is a lot of ambiguity in our daily work. We look forward to improving our processes in a collaborative manner as we grow. We expect to see high growth and constant change in the years ahead, but we do not abide by the hustle culture.


  • We try to create a diverse and inclusive environment where leadership, contributions and creativity are not inhibited by social constructs such as race, gender, age, beliefs, (dis)abilities, etc.
  • We do not evaluate seniority by the number of years in the workforce, but by the demonstrated ability to identify problems, and then conceptualise, articulate, and deliver solutions quickly.
  • We do not gate-keep based on individuals having received a degree, studied a specific topic or in a specific place. We value experience above all.