What are organizations for?

Allow your team to collaborate and manage your spaces effortlessly.

We have introduced Organizations to Smplrspace to make the collaboration and management of your spaces smoother and faster for you and your team.

With Organizations you can invite your colleagues and work on your spaces together. Now everyone on your team can create, edit, manage, and monitor the organization's spaces. We've made Organizations with both space operators, account managers and developers in mind.

The new Organizations feature lets you create multiple organizations in which you can invite members to share and collaborate on spaces. Organizations get dedicated settings, members invite workflows, integration options, billing details. Users can belong to multiple organizations with a single account.

How to switch organizations

Use the menu in the top-left corner on the app home screen to view and switch between organizations. Invitations to new organizations will appear there as well. You can also create a new organization from the menu.

Organizations and Personal spaces

The Organizations feature doesn't change the experience of your Personal spaces. You can have spaces that only you can manage and control in your Personal spaces area. You can also transfer floor plans from Personal spaces to an Organization.

With Organizations you and your team can:

  • Create and control spaces
  • Invite and manage members of the organization
  • See people's latest activity on your spaces
  • Access a dedicated developers page
  • See statistics to keep track of your floor plans usage

With Personal spaces only you can:

  • Create and control spaces
  • Access a dedicated developers page
  • See statistics to keep track of your floor plans usage

Organizations and billing

Our billing policy hasn't changed much with the introduction of Organizations. You are still going to be billed based on your floor plans usage and not based on seats in your Organization.

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